Dear Principals,

At the outset I would like to express my humble gratitude to all member Principals for reposing their faith in me. As Chairperson of Nagpur Sahodaya Schools Complex, Nagpur, Chapter, it is now my avowed moral responsibility that the camaraderie and warmth of solidarity of our own ‘Sahodaya’ is preserved.‘Sahodaya’ literally means ‘rising together’.

It came into existence in the year 1986, to facilitate synergy of ideas among CBSE Schools, designed for excellence in Education. I earnestly believe that by mutual collaboration and learning we will grow collectively. We are planning to arrange many subject enriching Training Programs and Workshops for Teachers and Principals, which will see its fruition with all your constant support and cooperation.

I am confident of Sahodaya’s ace pivotal role in the enhancement and enrichment of learners and educators in the near future. Our ardent spirit of honest endeavours has brought us as ‘one’. We all believe that ‘Team work definitely makes the dream work’ and thus we will jointly triumph as champions. Let us strive wholeheartedly for our common vision and learn, unlearn and relearn from each other. 

‘If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself ’

With Best Wishes and Warm Regards.

Mrs. Bharti Bijwe

Sandipani School, Hazaripahad